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Irony and it's many detriments...

First off, as I stated in the post I made before joining: Yes, I realize I have a rather sexually oriented journal. However, I have about as much sex as a Benedictine monk. Nor have I ever once condoned the idea of cheating on a partner. Obviously, if you're having the urge to cheat, you're not fit to be in that relationship; or, the person your with doesn't attract your attention anymore. Either way, best to get out.

I did want to offer my apologies, on behalf of the entire male population, but I came to my senses. Most males don't feel remorse when they cheat. It's all about their pleasure and being able to brag in the locker room of life. It's a pity and a shame that chivalry, among other things, has gone the way of the dodo. However, in my own experience, women aren't as chaste and pure as many of you would like to think. I'm not denouncing your experiences, nor am I saying that what you went through is fair retribution for what the heartless women have done to the male population. My ex cheated on me multiple times with several different people. I didn't find out until after she left me for someone else. And, of course, it hurt like hell that she left and that she'd cheated. What hurt the most was that she felt the NEED to do so.

Basically, there are good people, male and female; the only issue lies in finding them in a world full of jackasses, bastards, and sluts. Unfortunately, that's about as simple as finding a needle in a volcano, but it can be done.

I do want to say, at the very least, that I hope you all find someone that'll make you truly happy and be faithful to you (as you remain faithful to them.)
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