i'm the infamous kai (fishy_water) wrote in fuck_guys,
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I'm new.

why do we only fall for assholes? is it cause they're so good in bed?

we don't really need them for anything, especially now that we can reproduce without them. and seriously, sure you can't kiss a vibrator, but I find girls are better kissers anyway.
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THAT is very true, my friend. And I agree, girls kiss waaaaay better.
thank you!

I was at a party on monday and put that outfor debate, but no one has (or would admit to) kissing bothsexes.
Oh if I had been there I so would have. Lol.
you're so invited to the next one!
Woot Woot!!
dude. why are asshole boys better in bed?

and WHY are they so much more attractive?!