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When stupid guys attack.....

I HATE IT when this happens:

My friend and I were walking along the sidewalk one late night while returning to our hotel room from a party at the beach and a jeep full of jock-ish stupid guys pulled up and began hollering at us. Of course we just kept walking and didn't look at them so they pulled the jeep right along the sidewalk where we were and screamed, "Show us your titties! Lets see them tits!" A few of them hopped out and tried cornering us against a fence but somehow we managed to bolt out of there. While we briskly walked away the boys starting yelling, "That's right, keep walking you ugly bitches." I flipped them off without turning around which just earned more hollering and laughing but we finally turned and walked out of sight.

Why do men fucking DO THAT. They purposely offend a girl by making rude comments and then when she doesn't respond they get pissed off and insult her even MORE. WTF???

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